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 Creative Background and Art Education

My creative journey as an adult started with Scrapbooking, from which I moved on to Mixed Media. I had so many pretty papers! I turned them into collage. After taking a class with Tim Holtz and Donna Downey at the Puerto Rico Scrapbooking Convention, I moved on to 3-D Mixed Media.  The next natural progression for me was to study Acrylics and Watercolor. Acrylics and Mixed Media have become my passion and obsession!  So this is what I have done so far...

Online Courses and Workshops

Estudio de Arte Berta Meléndez

2008-2009 Dibujo y Pintura, Prof. Berta Meléndez

Spruill Center for the Arts, Atlanta, Georgia

2015-Present, Painting with Palette and Brush, Prof. Maureen Engle

2016-Present, Compostion - Beginning and Intermediate, Prof. Cherry Baird

2016 Color Theory, Prof. Cherry Bair

2016 Light My Fire- Melting and Welding, Prof. Kathy Walton

2016 Cubist Painting Workshop

2016 Watercolor Painting, Prof. Estelle Hart

2015 Watercolor, Prof. Maureen Engle

2015 HeARTfelt Portraits in Watercolor and Mixed Media, Diana Toma

2015 Bloom Yourself, Prof. Diana Toma

Liga de Estudiantes de Arte, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2011-2010, Taller de Pintura, Prof. Luis Ivorra

2009-2010, Taller Dinámico Pintura, Prof. Betsy Padín

2010 - present

Too many to list, but the highlights are several Puerto Rico Scrapbook Conventions (Tim Holtz, Donna Downey and Elizabeth Kartchner), online courses with Tim Holtz and Donna Downey (Tim's distressing techniques are big influence in my mix media and Donna's painterly acrylics are an inspiration to follow!), Sharon Tomlison, Christy Tomlinson, Pam Carriker, Kelly Rae Roberts, Paulette Insall,  DJ Pettit and Laura Roberts (Learned how to make my shadowboxes from her!); among others.

Art Festivals, this is new for me!
2010 - present

2016: Avondale AutumnFest, Fall on Ponce, Fall Jonquil Festival, ARTucker and Maker and Micro Business Expo.

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